LyraPhase.com was started as the personal music, software, and life blog for DJ Phasik, and is hopefully becoming something greater (as the demands of personal time & work allow)

DJ Phasik is an Electrical Engineer turned DJ and producer with a passion for technology and electronic music.  When he’s not working on electronics or software projects ( ), he’s constantly fueling his need for artistic expression through music.

Phasik was casually introduced to electronic music in 2004 through prominent artists such as Paul Oakenfold, Tiësto, Paul Van Dyk, iiO, and Motorcycle.  Though he could appreciate trance on occasion, he much preferred rock music.  His tastes were rooted deep into rock, metal, and industrial music, until they were forever changed in the spring of 2009, when he began listening to Infected Mushroom, and Juno Reactor.  This heavy metal and rock influenced form of goa psytrance inspired Phasik to dive further into the electronic music scene, and find more artists that break down boundaries into new musical territory.  Ever since, he has been fascinated by mixing and producing electronic music of many different genres.

After meeting a good friend and DJ from New York named Alex M, Phasik’s musical tastes became further refined into the genres of progressive, electro, tech house, techno, and deep house.  In the fall of 2009, he started mixing live for his own internet radio show on radio.mines.edu. After graduating from college, the live show had to be discontinued, but it continues in podcast form online.

Please come back regularly for episodes, mixes, tracks, and anything else he’s up to.

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