Solving the physics / meta-physics attraction paradox

After learning about the Law of Attraction (Law of Correspondence) and how “like attracts like”, something kept bugging me.  From my physics background, I knew that positive attracts negative, and you could say that “like repels like” when speaking about electrical charges, or magnetic poles.  Combining these two concepts seemed very paradoxical.  How does God join Meta-Physics and Physics in a graceful way?

I recently came across a very intriguing video on youtube that visually conceptualizes the Past/Future space-time continuum, matter, and the hermetic laws, with deep symbolism in the great pyramid and sacred geometry encoded holographically[1] within as well.  Let’s not get lost in the HisStory though.  There is so much correlated information there that it would take a long time to delve into it, (my little self doesn’t fully understand it all completely yet either, and how could the infinite ever be completely comprehended?) however let’s focus on conceptually resolving the current paradox using the graph of Future & Past presented at 15:46.

Graph of future and past, with present moment in center.

As we know, the Law of Attraction is another name for the Hermetic Law of Correspondence.  This law can be summarized as “As above, so below” or “as inside, so outside”.  This transcendental property is used in the context of the LOA as a way to attract what One wants from the future into the present moment, and then as we experience it, it passes into the past.  However, we also could say that all of future, present and past are contained within the Field of All Possibility.  To the human mind, this concept is difficult to wrap one’s head around, and confusion and disorientation can result (ie: What’s past, present, & future?  Where/When/Who am I?).  For this reason, we understand our reality to flow in one direction from Future –> Present –> Past.   To God/Higher Self/Source,  in His higher perspective, all 3 are seen and known.

How is it that if on one level “like attracts like”, and on another “opposites attract”?  The confusion arises when we don’t see the paradox from the Higher perspective.  To understand, we must shift to another perspective.  Let’s consider the Law of Polarity as a reflection of the physical “opposites attract” pattern we observe.  This law states that “opposites are the same differing only in degree“.  The degree concept is important.  The potential is realized between the two ends of the spectrum as the electrons move on their journey.  On the quantum level all matter and form is simply vibration of Energy at different frequencies.  For example, the color Red (400–484 THz) is a lower vibrational frequency than Violet (668–789 THz), yet they are both photons vibrating at different frequencies.  We can study the electromagnetic and visible light spectrum to see that this is the case.

Battery diagram

Fig. 2: Diagram of a battery with a polymer separator.A battery acts as a charge separator.  Voltage is the measured Potential Energy between the two +/- terminals.
Source: Wikipedia

In physics we observe that negative attracts positive.  Let’s visualize this as a battery (charge separator).  The potential Voltage we measure is because we have separated the charges.  The negatively charged electrons want to move towards the positive terminal to equalize and zero out the difference in charge.  Usually we put some load between the terminals of the circuit in order to serve our purposes.  This load has some non-zero resistance R to the flow of current.

Going back to the metaphysical viewpoint, we can equate “Resistance to the Flow” to our negative or limiting beliefs, thoughts and subconscious habits of being.  However, interestingly enough… it’s commonly through learning how to lower our resistance that we are able to find the most knowledge and value.  In this respect, when we see our “negative” resistance as a learning tool, then many good things can come out of it!  Indeed, by studying Newton’s Third Law in physics (see Hermetic Law of Cause and Effect in ‘meta-physics’) we can see that this is also true in that realm.  For example, movement is only possible by having a resistance to push against.  In order to evolve on our life journey and move forward, we must have some resistance to our force/intention to “push against”, transcend, and overcome.

Update 2012-10-19: It is also important to notice the parallel in the metaphor I present in the battery example.  The ‘separation’ of charge yields an apparent duality, which is the result of the separation.  Without the separation of charge, the electrons would not move on their journey, and the Voltage between the two terminals would be 0.  Likewise, if we were born without ego and the belief of separation from everything, there would be no journey of realization… we would already just be in a state of knowing.  In meta-physics and spirituality, this separation is the ego’s thought, behavior, and belief patterns resulting from the illusion of it’s separation from God.

By no means am I advocating for more creation of duality or separation.  There is already enough suffering in the world.  My purpose here is to hopefully shed some Light on the separated situation we find ourselves in, and in doing so, giving it meaning and value so that we may move past it gracefully.  In doing so, we must move towards a more Beneficent, Symbiotic, and Love/Compassion based system, and away from the old dualistic, predatory, parasitic system.

[1]: “When a photograph is cut in half, each piece shows half of the scene. When a hologram is cut in half, the whole scene can still be seen in each piece. This is because, whereas each point in a photograph only represents light scattered from a single point in the scene, each point on a holographic recording includes information about light scattered from every point in the scene.” Source: Hologram Wiki Page